Karnivora: Best Burger House in Alanya

We don’t claim it, local gourmets say… Karnivora, located near Damlatas Beach in Alanya, is the first and only real burger house in Alanya which delivers home-made burgers. Burgers between 180 gr – 240 gr, are made of Turkey’s best local grass-fed beefs, chosen by one of the town’s best butchers. Patties are shaped in the kitchen by the chef himself, cooked on the hot plate with only salt & black pepper sprinkled. Karnivora offers 10 different burgers. The Karnivor, which is the best seller, is a giant burger with a 240 gr. patty, topped with cheddar, caramelized onion & avocado slices. Attention: It’s addictive!!! Oklahoma Onion Burger fits for burger lovers who adore caramelized onion, while Blue One with Blue Danish Cheese on it goes well with a glass of red wine. Cheeseburger is already a classic. Make sure,  any burger lover will find something to be happy in Karnivora :))   Karnivor burger

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